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Episode 3 of 11.22.63 – Other Voices, Other Rooms

Sometimes the past doesn’t want to be changed!

School teacher Jake Epping, (James Franco), travels back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, thinking that the world would have been a better place had Kennedy not been killed.  However, he finds that easier said than done due to a myriad of obstacles and misfortunes, most notably, the past itself. Jake quickly learns that the past pushes back against being changed.

Episode 3 of 11.22.63 – Other Voices, Other Rooms

Jake and Bill become “partners” and take a road trip to Dallas.  Jake begins working as a a high school English teacher, while he and Billy begin their surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald.

We’re back after an expected hiatus due to travel and health issues (non the least of which were James’ cuticles).

Jake tells the worst car trip passenger ever about the plot to kill Kennedy and that’s he’s here from the future…

Daly Plaza seems like deserted ghost town.

  • Is this the least busiest street in America? Why is no one around?
  • Apparently people only come out to watch a President get shot.
  • The great “reset” debate continues

Bill and Jake, PARTNERS!

  • Bill is super creepy hanging round the school. BillyPerv
  • Jack Ruby… Laura is using this series to learn about history
  • Bill is spilling the beans already after like… a day. Worst. Partner. Ever.
  • First Day of School
    • Mr. Coleslaw?
  • Probably not a good idea to offer a black woman a cup of coffee in pre-civil rights times Texas.
  • Are there rules for going in the closet?

The years pass…. In the weird time warp hallway.

Hellooooo distraction! The past had something up its sleeve! Jodie High School just happens to have a teacher position open? Not trying to hard past, are you?

Fort Worth, Texas

  • Passage of time portrayed well with the car showing an increase in wealth
    • Poe’s Story: Cask of Amontillado
  • Oswald finally gets back from Russia.
    • He is very proud about defecting for someone who comes back to Texas.
  • Have they used that string designation for places before?
  • Super racist landlord, this a terrible neighborhood. Super homophobic neighbors.
  • They don’t have minibars, but they have pretty good spy equipment?
    • Is Bill the bad “leaper”?
    • Bill and Jake bug the apartment
    • Bill is still being creepy
    • Spiders in the attic (or was it the crawlspace?)
  • George de Mohrenschildt???
    • Convenient in for General Walker… Again, seems like this is way too easy so far.
  • The HomoPhobes “ruin” the taps.  Really? Just rewind in on the spools!
    • The past is not trying too hard!
  • Mr. Amberson helps Ms. Mimi. Go Jake!

The school dance.

  • Laura and Miranda are apparently predisposed to distrust her due to their shared gender

General Walker Rally

  • The connection between Oswald and Walker has us all befuddled
    • Oswald really doesn’t like General Walker
    • If Walker is against Kennedy, why would Oswald want to kill Walker and Kennedy?
Final Thought: Did Oswald really have a speech impediment / accent?
  1. I did find a bit of broadcast video of Oswald speaking with press that was published by CNN. He says charged, sir, protested and representation with what appears to be very little trouble. I have no experience with analysis of speaking so I will say no further about the way in which he pronounces words. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jY8fRTLtgzA
  2. The actor who plays Oswald, Daniel Webber, is from the city of Gosford, New South Wales, Australia. My wife tells me that non-rhotic accents (accents in which the “r” gets dropped if there’s a vowel before it but not after it) are common in Australian English. She thinks that the accent in question is all the actor, not the character he portrays. She also listened to a radio broadcast of Oswald because she had the same question and she said she couldn’t hear any trace of a non-rhotic accent in Oswald’s speech.
  3. “We had no idea he was Australian,” Springborn said. “He embodied Lee so well. It was so bizarre — he had the right body language, look…even his eye movements. You rarely see that”

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