11.22.63 – The Kill Floor – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 8

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Is Anybody Watching 11.22.63 – The Kill Floor

Sometimes the past doesn’t want to be changed!

School teacher Jake Epping, (James Franco), travels back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, thinking that the world would have been a better place had Kennedy not been killed.  However, he finds that easier said than done due to a myriad of obstacles and misfortunes, most notably, the past itself. Jake quickly learns that the past pushes back against being changed.

Episode 2 of 11.22.63 – The Kill Floor

Jake’s first attempt to change time seems to have been unsuccessful, so he decides there is one thing he can change. He travels to Kentucky to prevent Harry’s father, Hank, from brutally killing his family in hopes he can change at least one small part of the future.  He finds out that even small pieces of the past push back against change.

Harry the Fairy gets chased down by the town bullies.
Apparently this isn’t the first time.
But why do the townsfolk look at him with shame? Is it fear of Frank?
Jake seems to spend a tad too much time looking at the boy in is underwear.
The Third Bullet is a book with a similar theme that Jeff tried to Inception into this show 🙂
Is the past still fighting as hard not to be changed?
i.e. food poisoning is weak!
Thankfully he finds a home with Martha Kent MarthaKent
…er Lana Lang lanaLangOtoole
…..er Edna Price  EdnaPrice
Possible Theory:
The past fights back according to how much change has been made?
Thankfully (or not), the fire didn’t destroy everything.
Sammy’s Townhouse on Dixie Highway is the place to go after work (or to find Frank)
Our VERY first Grammar Tangent before we discuss the James Agee reference.
If Jake can’t kill a cow, will he be able to kill Frank?
Apparently the past doesn’t really care about cows.
Jake’s HOJO Prize plan is not very smart.
However, the story about where he served in the Korean War was BRILLIANT!
Jakey’s Big Mistakey Reference

There’s debauchery here: Ouran Highschool Host Club

The gun store scene was hilarious.

Gatorade and Quaker Oats Tangent

Jake get’s to Frank’s House and quotes Harry’s Story in preparation.

Bartender Billy is back and we get his history with Frank.

The fight between Jake and Frank is quite intense, and without much interference from the past.

Jake wins, but is caught by Bartender Billy with the newspaper clipping of the JFK assassination.

Death Note:

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