11.22.63 – The Rabbit Hole – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 7

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Is Anybody Watching 11.22.63 – The Rabbit Hole

Sometimes the past doesn’t want to be changed!

School teacher Jake Epping, (James Franco), travels back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, thinking that the world would have been a better place had Kennedy not been killed.  However, he finds that easier said than done due to a myriad of obstacles and misfortunes, most notably, the past itself. Jake quickly learns that the past pushes back against being changed.

Episode 1 of 11.22.63 – The Rabbit Hole

The premier episode hooked us right in. We are all glad we decided to give this show a watch.
We start off discussing the J.J. Abrams connection (Bryan Burke) and other familiar faces.

 Kevin J. O’Connor yellowcardman  ChrisCooper Chris Cooper

Leon Rippey leon_rippy  James-FrancoJames Franco

Onto our first tangent lamenting the loss of several TV shows cancelled the week of this recording. (Castle being the one Miranda is most upset about)

We discuss the merits of Harry’s A+ grade on his story, Al and Ziggy’s Diner, and the Yellow Card Man’s creepy vibe (ala Fringe’s observers).

Al goes from zero to dead in 2 minutes.

Time traveler’s rules for success #1 EMPTY YOUR POCKETS

and change clothes first!wrongclothes


Rule #2: Test the waters, reset, return making adjustments to the plan.

It’s an interesting way to “learn” about history

  • racial discrimination
  • gender discrimination
  • politics of the 60’s
  • conspiracy theories

The past fights back via the phone booth, phonebooth

the car crash, the restaurant, flirty women, people having sex in restaurants, and burning houses (and kids).

Time to go to Kentucky and perhaps right a smaller wrong the past may not care as much about.

Enter Josh Duhamel as Frank Dunning frank

Just a sweet ol’ guy trying to take his kids out for some ice cream… With a creepy grin to let us know he’s not such a good guy!

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