Who We Are

Miranda has been a co host of several podcast, including The Signal: A Firefly Podcast.  Later, she, Laura, and Jeff were 3 of the original members of a podcast called “Heroescast” It was a fan podcast all about NBC’s Heroes the first time it was on back in 2006.

When the reboot happened in 2015, we decided to put the most of podcast band back together.  Since James hadn’t seen the original series, we thought it would be cool to get a newb’s perspective on Heroes Reborn (it didn’t hurt that he’s Laura’s fiancé).

The Heroes Reborn Podcast is still available on iTunes, Stitcher, and at HeroesCastReborn.com (aka Renautas.com) as well.

After the run of Heroes Reborn, we realized we loved getting together on a regular basis to talk about TV so we came up with a new podcast, and this is it.  So, James, Laura, Jeff, and Miranda all gather weekly (or bi-weekly depending on schedules) to ask the question; Is Anybody Watching…

We plan to have different “seasons” of our podcast.  During each of those “seasons” we will pick a show (usually short mini-series of 6-8 episodes) and talk about it.

During OUR first season, we discussed AMC’s first season of Into the Badlands.

Our second season has begun so now we’re watching and talking about 11.22.63.


Please join in the fun.  Feel free to comment, complain, suggest shows, or just say hello.  We will air your feedback during our show.

Voicemail: 346-202-HERO (4376)

Email: anybodywatchingcast@gmail.com

Twitter: @AnybodyWatching


Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, Google Play Music, or whatever podcatcher you may be using.  Give us a rating or a review, and help us spread the word.