Into the Badlands: The Fort – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 1

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Is Anybody Watching Into The Badlands: The Fort

In a world without guns, fighting is an art!

Into The Badlands on AMC stars Daniel Wu as a one of the most lethal Clippers killing for his Baron, and Aramis Knight as a young boy with more power than he may realize. They search for enlightenment in a ruthless and bloody territory controlled by feudal barons.

Season One-Episode One of Into the Badlands: The Fort

The intro had us hooked, not only for the fight scene,
(ala The Protector with Tony Jha) but because of its #Asianess
Attack on Titan references.
What do each of the Barons bring to the table?
Is oil necessary for Opium production?
The significance of the necklace? Azra’s connection to Sonny and MK ?
Sonny, Lydia, and Quinn, OH MY!
Jade is working for whom?
Sonny’s kid vs. MK…who is more important?
Is Louisiana the Badlands?

Fan Theory Map of the Badlands

Fan Theory Map of the Badlands

Sonny is also on:
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