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Is Anybody Watching Into The Badlands: White Stork Spreads Wings

In a world without guns, fighting is an art!

Into The Badlands on AMC stars Daniel Wu as a one of the most lethal Clippers killing for his Baron, and Aramis Knight as a young boy with more power than he may realize. They search for enlightenment in a ruthless and bloody territory controlled by feudal barons.

Season One-Episode Three of Into the Badlands: White Stork Spreads Wings

Another incredible opening fight sequence.Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.22.17 PM

  • There’s a cool steampunk vibe to the show.
  • The Bowler Hat Guys are like second class clippers.

Our first tangent: Meet The Robinsons Bowler Hat Guy [3:43]

Baron v. Baron. Quinn caught that sword with one hand.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.03.58 PM

  • It’s like 3 Days to Kill. Very convenient migraine timing.
  • MK gets the book but Tilda sees him take it.  Yet, who can read it?

Wife v. New Wife. Jade (Sarah Bolger) looks incredibly a lot like Natalie Dormer. [15:24]

dormerJade Natalie-DormerHeaton


Ryder is more gross than ever, cue Sunny’s lady, Veil. Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.56.25 PM

#BestWheelchairFightEver [22:21]


Our first thoughts about the mention of a Dollhouse were slightly different,

yet eerily the same. [23:39]Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.58.02 AM

Angelica is not your average strung out prostitute, [24:03] angelicapickles

Tilda sucker punches MK, but still no blood. #bloodwatch2016 [27:39]

Sunny goes to get a “stitchjob” from the Cog Doctor and Lydia gets angry with Ryder’s stupidity, disowns him.  #tughtlove Alas, no baron for Ryder.

We find out what happened to Ryder’s toes, the nomads took ’em.

Jacobee’s regent, Zephyr apparently had some previous relationship with Sunny. [34:27]Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.50.48 AM

Widow knows her book is missing, MK has it. But it doesn’t matter, since only Veil can read? [41:04]

Quinn shows up at the right place, wrong time…as usual to give his THANKS….”You saved my son, now save me.” [45:14]

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Quinn, Sunny and a pack of Clippers ride towards The Widow's Lodge. Quinn instructs his army to "kill them all." The Clippers raid The Lodge. While Sunny orders the Colts to stay on lookout, M.K. sneaks away.

Quinn takes out two of The Widow's Clippers, then plunges his sword into Valentine's chest. Meanwhile, Sunny is disarmed during a fight, but kills a Clipper with his bare hands and slams him through a table.

M.K. sneaks into The Widow's library and steals a book with an image of Azra on its cover.

Quinn catches The Widow alone while the Butterflies make their escape through the tunnel in the library. From behind the library's desk, M.K. locks eyes with Tilda before she flees. She leaves the door to the tunnel open.

Quinn charges The Widow with his sword, but she blocks him with her two katanas. The two face off until Quinn kicks her in the face, causing her to fall on her back. Seizing his chance to finish her off, Quinn raises his sword in the air just as he's struck by another headache. He drops his sword, missing The Widow's head by a mere inch. Quinn slumps in agony while Sunny chases The Widow, but she escapes through the tunnel.

At The Fort, Lydia and Jade sit by an unconscious Ryder's bedside. Lydia dismisses her, but Jade stays, insisting that "Ryder's going to be my family as well." Lydia says Quinn only proposed to Jade to feel young again. Jade reminds her she's not the enemy.

Quinn and his men return to The Fort with dead Clippers. M.K. shows Sunny the book he stole from The Widow. Sunny takes it.

Lydia admonishes Quinn for his war against The Widow. Quinn says he was avenging Ryder, but Lydia insists he was only worried about looking weak. Quinn walks off and enters Jade's room. Quinn and Jade have sex while Lydia holds Ryder's hand, trying to ignore the sounds of their lovemaking in the next room.

Sunny grabs M.K. and drags him to the ledge above the Colt pit and orders him to balance precariously on the edge, with his back facing the drop. When M.K. curses, Sunny lets him know his training has begun, and then pushes him off the ledge.

Later, M.K. and Sunny look out over the wall, above the poppy field. "That is our way out," Sunny says. Sunny suggests M.K. needs to listen to him, but M.K. wants to start learning how to fight.

In bed, Jade tells Quinn she knows who can save Ryder.

Jade visits Veil's clinic and asks for help with Ryder. "I have a simple life," Veil says. "I want to keep it that way." Jade pleads with Veil.

Sunny takes M.K. to see Waldo, with whom Sunny trained as a Colt. Sunny orders M.K. to fight Waldo, even though he is bound to his wheelchair. M.K. throws the first punch, but Waldo deflects it and spin-flips him onto his back. M.K. continues to attack, but Waldo uses one hand to block his moves and the other to maneuver his wheelchair. When M.K. surrenders, Waldo says M.K. "lost that fight before you threw a punch" and warns him not to underestimate his enemy.

Back at The Fort, Veil examines Ryder and suggests relieving the pressure from his swollen brain. She pulls out her trepanation device, but Lydia forbids her. When Veil predicts Ryder will die by nightfall without the procedure, Jade convinces Lydia to let Veil try. Lydia holds Ryder's head as Veil drills a hole, blood spewing onto Lydia's face.

The Widow leads her Butterflies to an old mansion she refers to as their sanctuary. She orders Tilda to find Angelica, the Doll sent Ryder to the ambush in the turbine station, before Sunny does.

Quinn finds Veil. He offers his condolences for her parents and lets on that he knows about her and Sunny. When Ryder awakes, Quinn demands to know who set him up.

Sunny stops by the tattoo shop and says he "quit keeping score."

Sunny returns to The Fort where Ryder tells him about the prostitute who set him up.

Sunny and M.K. go to the Doll House where Sunny looks for Angelica. M.K. waits outside while Sunny goes inside to confront Angelica. Outside, Tilda spots M.K. in his Colt uniform and punches him in the face for lying to her. "You don't add up," she says.

Sunny kicks down Angelica's door. They immediately spring into battle. Angelica slashes Sunny with a daisho and jumps through her window, bringing the fight out onto the balcony. Sunny corners her, demanding to know where The Widow is. Refusing to give up any information, Angelica throws herself off the balcony and falls to her death. M.K. tells Tilda to flee before Sunny can spot her.

Sunny visits Veil's clinic to get stitched up. M.K. observes their chemistry and asks if Veil is the woman Sunny wants protected.

Veil stitches Sunny and says M.K. is "good practice for what's to come." Sunny learns that Quinn knows about them.

At The Fort, Lydia scolds Ryder for trying to have The Widow killed and says he doesn't have what it takes to be Baron. "I'd rather have you hate me for the rest of your life than stand over your grave," she tells him.

In Quinn's study, Quinn informs Sunny that the other Barons view Quinn's raid against The Widow as a violation of the Foundation treaty. He plans to make an alliance with another Baron, Jacobee, and asks Sunny to meet with Jacobee's Regent, Zypher, with whom Sunny has history.

M.K. sneaks into Sunny's cottage and finds The Widow's book.

Jade sits by Ryder's bed, holding his hand. When Quinn enters, she lets go.

Sunny meets with Zypher in the woods. She suggests Sunny clip Quinn in order to prevent a war from happening. Sunny asks Zypher to instead arrange a meeting between Jacobee and Quinn. Zypher, flirting, says she's "a lot more persuasive when I get what I want."

At The Widow's Sanctuary, The Widow asks Tilda about her missing book and notes that Tilda was the last one in the tunnel. Tilda feigns ignorance.

Quinn locks the X-rays of his brain in a safe.

M.K. returns to Veil's clinic and asks her to read The Widow's book for him, but she doesn't recognize the handwritten glyphic language.

Quinn walks into Veil's clinic. M.K. hides from his view. "Intelligence is an intoxicating quality in a woman," Quinn says. "You saved my son. Now you need to save me."


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