Into The Badlands – Snake Creeps Down – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 5

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Is Anybody Watching Into The Badlands: Snake Creeps Down

In a world without guns, fighting is an art!

Into The Badlands on AMC stars Daniel Wu as a one of the most lethal Clippers killing for his Baron, and Aramis Knight as a young boy with more power than he may realize. They search for enlightenment in a ruthless and bloody territory controlled by feudal barons.

Season One-Episode Five of Into the Badlands: Snake Creeps Down

 So who is the snake?  Quinn?
  • He’s definitely a CREEP for the way he blamed Sunny for the death Veil’s parents.
  • What’s his long term plan?

Tangent Number 1: Is it “Bae” or “Bai” and WHY? [7:37]

Opening fight not bloody enough, but  it was a dream, after all.

  • Let’s us in on Sunny’s Fears
  • Find’s a way to use the book and the compass (FINALLY)
  • Laura has a great theory on what Azra may be [11:45]

Lydia’s Dad, Penrith, played by Lance Henriksen FTW!

Pinrith and his band of elders know more about Azra and MK’s ability than they let Ryder know. BTW, Ryder is still creepier than Quinn.

Tangent time: Game of Thrones book, vs. Audiobooks, vs. TV Show [16:14]

MK has a heart to heart with Sunny about his “Dark Side” [19:31]

  • Tilda saves the day
  • MK still has teflon skin

How can the Widow translate the book? What’s her Rosetta Stone?

  • Does MK really die a little each time he transforms?

What/Who are the Nomads and what’s up with the Totem Smashers? [25:46]PoppyClippers

Lydia and Jade work the poppy fields together with the Clippers.

A brief google search was required to understand poppy harvesting[33:56]


Quinn has an episode in front of his people. 


  • Lydia continues to impress us.
    • Jeff was completely oblivious to Jade’s plan

Our current feelings about Waldo [39:55]

MK now has ablutophobia [42:00]

  • Sonny’s sweet move springs the traps (all but one, apparently)
  • RIP Admiral Ackbar [44:00]

James has a tender moment, Jeff cancels it out. [47:03]

Meanwhile back at the fort… [51:03]

  • TTildaTortureChairilda gets “the chair”
  • Is she “faking it”
  • If you’re gonna fight, do it in the weapons room




Reminding us of this Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon scene

How will season one end? What does next season look like?

Quantum Leap makes us leery of crappy endings!

Thoughts and theories can be submitted via the feedback links list below the transcript.

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AMC's Full Recap:

At the Fort, Sunny and M.K. continue training atop the roof. Drained, M.K. warns him to stand down. "You're going to kill me, just like you killed those people on that boat?" Sunny challenges, then grabs M.K. and holds him over the edge of the Wall. Sunny asks if M.K. can control his power now, after refraining from hurting Tilda at the parley. "How do I know you weren't lucky?" Sunny asks. Just then, M.K.'s eyes turn dark as he grabs Sunny's throat. "You don't," M.K. says and throws Sunny over the Wall.

Sunny wakes in bed with Veil – he was only dreaming. He picks up the Azra book, noticing a circular hollow cutout within. He places his compass inside. The dead needle spins to life. Veil wakes and tells Sunny she can't hide her pregnancy much longer. After claiming his compass is broken, Sunny says he knows a way out of the Badlands - "but the price is steep."

M.K. practices in the Colt courtyard. Sunny, still bothered by his dream, informs M.K. that he didn't kill Tilda at the parley in his dark state. "It looked like you were controlling your power," Sunny says. "Does this mean we get to leave soon?" M.K. asks. Sunny says Quinn wants them to find The Widow.

At the Sanctuary, The Widow offers her stolen Cogs food and the chance to leave freely. They stay. She calls one of them, a young boy, forward. She tells him to go inside with the rest of the boys from among Quinn's cogs.

In his study, Quinn worries his crops will rot without the Cogs to work the fields. "We sit here with the largest Clipper force and two territories talking about a woman who's done more damage with no army at all," Jade notes. Jade volunteers to show the remaining Clipper force how to harvest the fields until the new Cogs arrive.

Outside Sunny's cottage, M.K. asks Ryder for his pendant back. Ryder lies and says he traded it. Once M.K. leaves with Sunny to go find The Widow, Ryder pulls the pendant out of his pocket.

At the Fort, Quinn addresses a large assembly of Clippers and Colts. He tells them he needs them to work the fields before the poppy crop spoils. In the middle of his speech, he's struck by a headache and falters. "Lead them," he tells Jade.

Lydia drags a delirious Quinn into the Fort and sends word for Veil.

In the woods, M.K. tells Sunny he knows Veil is pregnant. "Must be strange for you," M.K. says. "Having to care for someone and not kill them." Sunny asks M.K. why he lied about knowing the way to Azra. M.K. says he knows the way, but it's all jumbled in his head. Sunny tells M.K. he got his compass to work and might have a direction towards Azra.

At the Sanctuary, The Widow cuts a male Cog's hand. When nothing happens, she sends him to join the other boys she's cut. Tilda asks how The Widow plans to use M.K. When The Widow questions her sudden interest, Tilda covers and says she just wants "to be more help to you now that Angelica and Valentine are gone." The Widow says there are answers in her missing book, but knows that every time he's cut, his life force weakens. "Without training, he will die," The Widow says.

Ryder visits Waldo's shack. Ryder reminisces about how Waldo saved him from Nomads when he was younger and asks if he'd still have Waldo's support "if things changed around here." Waldo says he's "on the side that wins." He says, however, that Ryder should choose his allies with care. Ryder shows M.K.'s pendant to Waldo, who suggests reacquainting with his grandfather to learn more.

In the woods, Bale tells M.K. he wants his first kill tat in order to impress his Clipper, Petri, even if it means "killing some girls." M.K. notices a Butterfly star lodged in a tree and starts towards it, but Sunny quickly throws him out of the way. Sunny carefully places a stick where M.K. was about to tread as the jaws of a bear trap snap shut. They hear an agonizing scream and rush towards Petri, whose right leg has been crushed by one of The Widow's traps.

Back at the Fort, Jade teaches the Clippers how to harvest the poppies. Lydia arrives and asks Jade to show her as well.

In his study, Quinn agrees to Veil's poison treatment. When Veil asks why he killed her parents, Quinn invites her to turn up the poison and end his life. When she doesn't, Quinn says the two of them are both "prisoners of our natures." Quinn tells Veil that Sunny is to blame for her parents' death. "It was his blade that ended their lives," he says.

In the woods, Sunny sets Petri's broken leg. They plan to camp out in the woods for the night. Tilda hides behind a tree in the distance.

Ryder rides to a Totemist Commune to visit his grandfather, Penrith, who recounts what happened to Ryder as a child. "I told your mother what would happen if she married a man like Quinn, willing to sacrifice his own son over his pride," he says. "He should have paid the ransom." Ryder says he doesn't want to talk about the past and shows him M.K.'s pendant.

Penrith recognizes the design on M.K.'s pendant. He says Azra is just a made-up place that Cog orphans were led to believe they're from and that a Maker probably forged the pendant using a photo from the old world. Ryder tells Penrith that Lydia was never happy in the commune. Ryder says she still practices. Penrith welcomes Ryder back if he wishes to "embark on a different course." After Ryder leaves, Penrith tells an older man, "Send word to the Abbots. We've got a dark one in the fort. He'll need to be cleansed."

In the woods, Tilda signals M.K. away from the others. Tilda tells M.K. he's not safe. "All of these people want to use you," she says. M.K. says that Tilda might be the one who makes him feel safe. He says she's the reason he was able to control it. M.K. suggests running away together, but before she can answer, Sunny appears and slams her to the ground.

M.K. tells Sunny that Tilda is the reason he's able to control himself at the parley. Trying to win points with Sunny and Petri, Bale attempts to interrogate Tilda. In one smooth motion, Tilda lunges towards him and bites his ear. As he screams, she grins, mouth full of blood, and spits out his flesh. Sunny says they are going to the Fort.

At the Fort, Jade applies ointment to Lydia's blistered hands. Lydia notes that Quinn has pitted them against each other. They agree to not be rivals.

The Widow and her Butterflies search for Tilda. They find a strip of Tilda's uniform pinned to a tree by a dagger emblazoned with Quinn's armadillo insignia. The Widow plans to send word to her "friend" at the Fort to gain entry.

Lydia and Quinn share a moment in his study. "I will be by your side when the wolves reach our door, howling for your blood," she says. Sunny walks in and informs Quinn he caught Tilda. Quinn tells him to torture her for information. When Sunny hesitates, Quinn says, "I'd hate for us to have another miscommunication." Just as Sunny is about to leave, Quinn tells Sunny he doesn't want him seeing Veil anymore.

In the dungeon, Sunny forces Tilda into a chair and locks her wrists and ankles in straps. He tries to reason with her, but she spits in his face.

Jade brings soup to Quinn in his study. As he eats, Jade's eyes flutter and the bowl slips from her grip. She falls over, convulses and froths at the mouth. Quinn yells for help.

Outside Tilda's cell, M.K. begs Tilda to give up The Widow. Suddenly, a bola is flung around Bale's neck – it's The Widow. Sunny charges her and they spring into battle, trading merciless blows.

Meanwhile, M.K. sets Tilda free. Bale tries to stop M.K., but Tilda kicks Bale and they tussle. Bale locks M.K. in the cell, so he can only watch while Bale beats Tilda. At the same time, Sunny slashes a spear across The Widow's torso, spilling blood.

As Bale readies to finish Tilda, M.K. cuts himself and releases his dark energy. He palm-slams the metal cell door, which sends Bale flying into a rusted iron spike, impaling him. The Widow, Tilda and Sunny stare at M.K. in his dark state. While Sunny is distracted, Tilda and The Widow run. Sunny approaches M.K. and M.K. collapses. Seeing The Widow has disappeared, Sunny chases after her down the tunnel.

Outside the wall, Sunny searches the horizon, realizing he's lost The Widow again.

Quinn, having witnessed everything, stares down at M.K.

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Into the Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 4

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Is Anybody Watching Into The Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons

In a world without guns, fighting is an art!

Into The Badlands on AMC stars Daniel Wu as a one of the most lethal Clippers killing for his Baron, and Aramis Knight as a young boy with more power than he may realize. They search for enlightenment in a ruthless and bloody territory controlled by feudal barons.

Season One-Episode Four of Into the Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons

Tangent Numero Uno: Dead Seven on SyFy: Zombies, Cowboys, and Boy Bands…OH MY!

  • Where is all the blood and gore we’re used to in the opening sequence?
  • The Widow is on the move.
    • New Show Idea: CSI: Badlands
  • MK is learning how to fight (sort of)
  • Tangent # 2 for those keeping score: Chocolate Abs in High School Love On
  • Jacobee is a no show on making a deal.
  • The Butterfly house is kind of a dump.
    • Zero fun and NO (white girl) dancing for the girls.
    • Thilda was raped by the widow’s husband, that’s why she had lady clippers ’cause #Ladypower! #SquadGoals
    • We are finally and most definitely for sure that “sisters” are not sister by blood
  • Wedding decoration squabbles
    • There are NO SECRETS in the Badlands
  • Vale is treating Quinn… or killing him… hard to say.
  • MK was about to cut himself to help train but backs off.
    • MK is Pigpen
  • Sunny makes a poor choice cutting MK
    • Yet another Attack on Titan reference; the live action trailer is very Badlands like.
  • Quinn wants Ryder to go out and accept the parlay and set terms.
    • It’s a Parlay Party
  • Awkward girl talk between father and son.
  • Pendant shaped hole in the book.
  • Ryder wants to make his own deal with Jacobee
  • Zephyr’s #ManPosse and a brief clothing discussion


Odd choice for a secret signal?



The River King is looking stylish

  • Should we trust #WheelchairWaldo?
  • Quinn had more than one wife already, but Lydia is the one to be feared.
  • Meeting between Jacobee and Quinn…  Jacobee  about as bloody as can be expected from this show
  • MK Controlled his bloodlust with Thilda.
    • He’s been VERY VERY bad in his past.
  • Ryder finds himself with Zephyr and the Widow instead of with Jacobee. Makes a deal with the SHEdevil.
  • River King. Pimp (and Vincent Price Doppleganger?)

River Vincentvincent_price_as_poe

  • Yet another tangent; clothing, weapons, the metric system, and the NBA.

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AMC's Full Recap:

Wearing a torn dress covered in blood, Tilda sprints through the woods. She dashes out onto the road in front of a transport, yelling for help. When two Clippers clad in black step out, two butterfly stars are thrown their way, killing them. The Widow and her Butterflies emerge from the trees. Tilda rummages through the transport and finds gold coins. The Butterflies drag one of Quinn's red clad clippers, bound and beaten, from the woods. "My Baron will have your head for this," he threatens. The Widow stomp-kicks a pickaxe into her hand and hacks his head off. "I doubt it," she says.

At the Fort, Sunny and M.K. train together. Sunny commends M.K. for his improvement in form, but knocks him to the ground and suggests M.K. still needs to "learn to make the unexpected move." Quinn interrupts their practice. Sunny sends M.K. away to practice his forms. Quinn says the other Barons are angry that he has taken The Widow's oil fields. He says he needs Sunny "now more than ever."

While cleaning the Sanctuary, Tilda and the Butterflies find items from the old world. They discover a record player and dance, carefree, to the music. The Widow storms in and breaks the record into pieces, urging them to prepare for the new recruits. When Tilda yells at her that no one is coming, The Widow calmly pulls her aside. "We kill for you. We die for you," Tilda says. "For what? Why did we frame Quinn for the robbery of the transport?" The Widow reminds Tilda "what my husband did" to Tilda and that "we are fighting for a world where girls don't get dragged into dark rooms and have their innocence torn from them. But that world comes at a price."

That night, Sunny observes M.K. practicing, alone, with a wooden dummy. M.K. pulls a knife out, but decides not to cut himself.

At the Fort, Jade and Lydia discuss the wedding. Jade encourages Lydia to view her not as a rival, but as a daughter. "If I were your mother, I would warn you not to sleep with your future husband and his son at the same time," Lydia says. Jade, stunned, sits in silence.

In Quinn's study, Veil shares her plan to use poison, concocted by her father, to cure him. "The decoction he listed in his notes will weaken you, but it may heal the growth first," she explains.

Sunny and M.K. ride out to an empty field. When M.K. asks what they're doing, Sunny says he doesn't want any witnesses. Sunny cuts M.K. with his sword. "The only way I can help you is to face you," Sunny says. M.K.'s dark chi power ignites and he punches Sunny, sending him flying into a brick wall. Both fall unconscious.

When Sunny and M.K. awaken, M.K. berates Sunny for risking his life and asks how he can control his dark side. Sunny recommends focusing on "something pure."

In Quinn's study, Quinn and Ryder stand over the severed head of the Clipper that The Widow decapitated, his forehead etched with the word "Parley." Quinn deduces The Widow is trying to pit him against Jacobee, another Baron and Quinn's closest ally. Quinn orders Ryder to ride out and agree to the parley. When Ryder balks, Quinn reminds him that he wanted more responsibility. Quinn asks if he's upset over Jade. "It must be difficult now to think of her as a new mother," he taunts. When Quinn asserts "a man cannot wait to be given what he wants," Ryder agrees to go, alone.

At Veil's clinic, M.K. asks Veil if she's been able to decipher the book about Azra. "Nothing about this book makes sense," she tells him. Sunny is angry to learn that M.K. stole the book from his room and sends M.K. away. Sunny tells Veil that Quinn is leading the Badlands into war. Veil tells him she can end Quinn's life sooner, but Sunny says that Quinn's death would "bring the other Barons right to our door."

Ryder meets Zypher and Jacobee's Clippers in the woods. They set a date and time for the parley, but before Zypher leaves, Ryder tells her he has another proposal.

Sunny visits Waldo's shack. "You told me that if a man wanted to get out, he needed three things," Sunny says. "Passage up the river, a map through the Wasteland and nothing left to lose." When Waldo realizes Sunny is truly in love with Veil, he offers him a toy soldier to offer to the River King, the only man capable of getting Sunny up the river.

Ryder visits Jade in her room and laments about her not coming to his room for the last few weeks. Ryder says he'll be Baron soon, but Jade doubts he'll challenge Quinn and says she and Ryder are over. Angry, Ryder tells Jade about Quinn's second wife, Beatrice. Alluding to Lydia's hand in her death, he asks, "Do you really believe she died of natural causes?"

Jade enters a Cog shack to talk to Mari, former handmaiden to Beatrice. Mari says before Beatrice died, she saw Lydia beyond the poppy field, where the Monkshood grows. "The flowers, they kill you from the inside out," Mari says.

In the pit, Sunny rounds up the Colts and chooses six to serve as scouts and accompany Quinn to the parley with Jacobee. He leaves M.K. out.

Quinn and his men arrive at the City of the Dead, a graveyard. Sunny spots M.K. hiding behind a gravestone. M.K. reminds Sunny that he told him to "make the unexpected move."

Quinn and Jacobee meet face-to-face, each surrounded by their Clippers, while M.K. keeps watch. Quinn says he didn't attack his transports. Jacobee admonishes Quinn's decision to raid The Widow, but Quinn maintains he did it to avenge Ryder. "She made it personal," he said. Quinn tells Jacobee that he took her oil fields "for our mutual protection." Jacobee says he's not sure if their interests are aligned anymore.

Through a spyglass, M.K. sees a cloaked figure approaching: It's Tilda. Just as she throws a pickaxe towards Quinn, M.K. yells a warning. Sunny catches the pickaxe in mid-air, while Quinn draws his sword, assuming Jacobee is launching an attack. Quinn's Clippers rush Jacobee's and the two forces engage in combat. Sunny squares off against Zypher while Quinn fights with Jacobee.

Meanwhile, Tilda makes a run for it, with M.K. chasing after her. When he catches her, he challenges Tilda. "This is your mother's idea of a better world? Starting a war?" he says. She launches attacks, but he holds his own right before Tilda throws a butterfly star at him. The shiruken slices his skin, initiating M.K.'s dark state. M.K. grabs Tilda by the throat.

The battle at the parley continues, while M.K. prepares to deliver a fatal blow to Tilda. When she pleads, he slows, lowers his fist and collapses. Sunny sees the whole moment from afar. He dodges Tilda's butterfly star before she runs off.

Sunny rushes back to the parley with the butterfly star. Slaughtered Clippers from both sides litter the ground. Sunny rushes in and shows Zypher, Quinn and Jacobee the butterfly star. They realize The Widow set them up. Still, Jacobee blames Quinn for antagonizing her. "If you want the other Barons to back down, deal with her," Jacobee says.

Quinn rides back to the Fort and sees all of his Cogs are gone from the fields. Only Mari remains, and tells Quinn that The Widow "came with a bunch of girls," killed all the Clippers and offered Jacobee's stolen gold to the Cogs, promising them a better life. Quinn orders Sunny to find The Widow so he can gut her and "hang her from the Wall for all the Badlands to see."

Zypher removes a hood from Ryder's head. "Where's Jacobee?" Ryder asks. "You said he agreed to hear my proposal." "You're not here to see Jacobee," says The Widow. He realizes Zypher and The Widow are working together. "You want the Fort. Zypher wants Jacobee's. I'll help you get them," The Widow says. In return, The Widow says she wants M.K. "If I get him, you'll be a Baron," she promises. They shake hands.

Sunny rides to see the River King. He shows the guards Waldo's toy soldier and they step aside. The River King agrees to grant passage out of the Badlands if Sunny brings him the boy who slaughtered a shipment of his Cogs. He hands Sunny a "wanted" poster with M.K.'s face. "Find him, clip him and bring his head to me as payment."

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Into the Badlands: Fist Like a Bullet – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 2

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Is Anybody Watching Into The Badlands: Fist Like a Bullet

In a world without guns, fighting is an art!

Into The Badlands on AMC stars Daniel Wu as a one of the most lethal Clippers killing for his Baron, and Aramis Knight as a young boy with more power than he may realize. They search for enlightenment in a ruthless and bloody territory controlled by feudal barons.

Season One-Episode Two of Into the Badlands:

Fist Like a Bullet  (AKA Girl Power)

Mad Props to the creator of the Opening Sequence [1:56]

Music by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

Several GREAT fight scenes in this episode, starting off with the nightclub fight. Once again, this show gives us great fight choreography and beautiful cinematography.

Don’t mess with a girl wearing stiletto heels. Need Proof?

Check out the One Minute, 52 Second mark of video below

Questions to ponder (aka give us your feedback)

  • Why are there no guns?
  • Are the girls biological sisters, or just a sisterhood of clippers?
  • Where are the bows and arrows?  Is there a code that is codier than the samurai code? #morecodierthanthat [40:20]
  • According to James, Corey Feldman should have been named Cody Feldman
     #obligatorytangent [40:50]Corey_Feldman_2010
  • Is the symbol a women only secret?   
  • How does The Widow know about MK’s ability?
  • What’s in the book? azrabook
  • Suggestions for shows to podcast about.

Minerva is no “Mother” of the Year but Matilda has us all impressed. Matilda Meets MK

Someone has a crush on Veil. [14:15] Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.22.21 PM

BalandsFootRyder’s foot made our toes curl…  #feetaregross #ihatefeet  [16:03]
Sunny draws a line in the sand with Quinn
We debate the hows, whys, and what ifs, of Sunny killing (or not killing) Quinn.
Who’s Waldo? waldo
 Sunny and Quinn leaving the fort is very reminiscent of The Emerald City (Oz)
Tilda tries (and fails) to save MK.
Does MK have super skin?
Quinn’s backstory: Apparently a baron can be from any walk of life.

The Widow’s Trap was great, but the fight scene was better! [34:55]

Back on track: MK was pretty quick to accept “the deal”

(Bite off your legs monty python reference)

Click the down arrow to read the show's full recap --->

Full Recap from

At a nightclub, The Widow, dressed to kill in all black and sultry stiletto-heels, approaches her former Regent about teaming up to take Quinn down. Before he can respond, a group of five Nomads, who have been eyeing them from the corner of the room, attack and kill the former Regent. The Widow dodges their machetes and blows, gracefully taking four of them out. With her shoe on his neck, she asks the last Nomad who hired him. He tells her Ryder did. She thanks him, then slices his throat with her heel.

M.K. sprints through the woods, still on the run from the Fort. As he rests near a stream, he spots a young girl hunting squirrels with butterfly-shaped throwing stars. Aware of his presence, Tilda pins him to a tree and asks where he's running from. M.K. lies and says his parents were attacked. They hear dogs barking in the woods and Tilda tells M.K. to follow her.

In the woods, Sunny, Ryder and a pack of Clippers with bloodhounds search for M.K. Ryder urges them to continue the search through The Widow's territory, but Sunny advises against it. They turn back.

M.K. and Tilda arrive at the Lodge where M.K. learns The Widow is the person Tilda keeps referring to as "Mother."

At the Fort, Sunny reports back to Quinn, who knows someone helped M.K. escape. Quinn says there's a traitor in the Fort and Ryder offers to "root out this turncoat myself." Lydia, knowing, stays quiet. Quinn asks about the Nomad attack on The Widow, but Ryder claims he wasn't a part of it.

At the Lodge, The Widow pries for more information from M.K. while he takes a bath. She deduces that he came from the Fort and tells him about the boy she's been searching for. "There's nothing special about me," M.K. says.

At the Fort, Quinn makes plans with Sunny to ride outside the wall.

Quinn observes the Cogs working in the poppy fields and recounts a story about his father, a Cog, who passively took a deadly beating and moved Quinn to become a Clipper.

At the Lodge, The Widow meets with three Nomads to devise an attack on Quinn, offering them territory in return. When the Nomads hesitate about siding with "a bunch of girls," The Widow proposes a deal: if Tilda can take one of the men down, they'll join her. As one of the Nomads lurches for Tilda, she sidesteps and strikes his throat. M.K. secretly watches as Tilda swings onto the Nomad's shoulders and snaps his neck. The Widow and the other Nomads toast to "new alliances."

Quinn and Sunny arrive at the home of Dr. Vernon and his wife Hannah, Veil's parents. Hannah lets on to Sunny that she knows about Veil's pregnancy. Sunny reminds Hannah about the impending danger, but Hannah says Veil "doesn't want a life without you and that baby."

In his office, Dr. Vernon tells Quinn he has a tumor in his brain and doesn't have long to live. Quinn studies his x-ray.

Quinn leaves the doctor's home, then orders Sunny to go back inside and clip Vernon and Hannah, asserting they have "a weapon that could destroy everything I've built and bring me to my knees." When Sunny refuses, Quinn draws Sunny's sword, steps into the house and slaughters them himself. Quinn steps out of the house covered in the blood of Veil's parents. "You killed them," Quinn says to Sunny.

In his cottage, Sunny cleans the blood from his sword.

Sunny visits Waldo, wheelchair-bound, in his shack, and asks if Waldo has ever considered leaving the Badlands. Waldo warns Sunny that freedom is just an illusion. "You can't ever outrun who you are," he says.

At the Lodge, The Widow asks Tilda to provoke M.K. and cut him to prove he's the boy she's been searching for.

Tilda attacks M.K. She pins him to the ground and pulls out a dagger. M.K. begs her not to cut him and comes clean about his mother. Tilda cuts her own palm and smears a trail of blood down M.K.'s cheek to appear as if he's been cut. The Widow peeks in and assumes M.K. did not transform.

In Veil's clinic, Sunny tells Veil that Quinn killed her parents out of fear of people finding out that he's dying. He comforts Veil, promising to take her and the baby away from the Badlands.

Ryder lies in bed while a prostitute pulls a prosthesis from his foot and massages his mangled toes. He recognizes an armadillo insignia imprinted into her brick of opium and grabs her by the throat, demanding to know where she got it from. She tells him about an old turbine station where Nomads are keeping the opium.

Outside the Doll House, a Butterfly watches the prostitute pin a red dress on a clothesline.

That night, M.K. asks Tilda for help escaping from the Lodge.

Tilda leads M.K. to the library where M.K. learns The Widow plans to use him as a weapon to overthrow the other Barons. Hearing The Widow's footsteps, Tilda leans in to kiss M.K., purposely getting caught in the act. The Widow kicks M.K. out and hands him over to a Nomad. A Butterfly enters and tells The Widow that Ryder "took the bait."

Outside the Lodge, the Nomad shows M.K. a flyer with a sketch of M.K.'s face. "That's one hefty bounty," he says, then knocks M.K. out cold.

The next morning, Sunny meets Ryder and Quinn at the plantation house. Ryder tells Sunny that Nomads are stealing their opium. Sunny plans to scout out the turbine station with Ryder.

Sunny and Ryder follow The Widow's Nomads inside the turbine station, while M.K., gagged and bound outside in a transport, tries to break free using a butterfly throwing star.

"There's no opium here," a Nomad tells Sunny and Ryder, who realize they've been set up. Twenty-five Nomads surround them with an assortment of weapons. A chained noose is swung around Ryder's neck as he's hauled into the air. Sunny springs into action, taking out the swarming Nomads in groups and cutting off limbs as he goes. He takes a few blows, but manages to cut Ryder down. As he tends to Ryder, one last Nomad thrusts a metal bar against Sunny's throat as Sunny struggles. A machete shoots through the Nomad's chest -- it's M.K. With all of the Nomads subdued, Sunny learns that M.K. knows the way out of the Badlands. He offers to train M.K. if he promises to protect Veil. They shake hands.

Sunny arrives back at the Fort with M.K. and Ryder. Quinn grabs M.K. by the throat, but Sunny assures Quinn that M.K. saved both his and Ryder's life, and plans to take M.K. as his first Colt. "Saddle up," Quinn declares. "It's war."



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Into the Badlands: The Fort – Is Anybody Watching – Episode 1

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Is Anybody Watching Into The Badlands: The Fort

In a world without guns, fighting is an art!

Into The Badlands on AMC stars Daniel Wu as a one of the most lethal Clippers killing for his Baron, and Aramis Knight as a young boy with more power than he may realize. They search for enlightenment in a ruthless and bloody territory controlled by feudal barons.

Season One-Episode One of Into the Badlands: The Fort

The intro had us hooked, not only for the fight scene,
(ala The Protector with Tony Jha) but because of its #Asianess
Attack on Titan references.
What do each of the Barons bring to the table?
Is oil necessary for Opium production?
The significance of the necklace? Azra’s connection to Sonny and MK ?
Sonny, Lydia, and Quinn, OH MY!
Jade is working for whom?
Sonny’s kid vs. MK…who is more important?
Is Louisiana the Badlands?

Fan Theory Map of the Badlands

Fan Theory Map of the Badlands

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